Fertility Yin Yoga & Meditation By Leigh Coffey (Part Two)

Fertility Yin Yoga and Meditation
Fertility Yin Yoga & Meditation By Leigh Coffey (Part One)
December 22, 2017
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January 4, 2018
Yin Yoga

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I leave you with a beautiful meditation script supplied by my teacher Rosie Mathieson, you can use daily. Over the course of my fertility journey and life, I’ve observed that every time I step back, see how my thoughts are affecting my body, and make a conscious effort to practice letting go through meditation, I open a space within me for whatever it is that I want. My suggestion is you record the script on your phone, so that you can fully relax in this meditation. Make the recording as soothing and gentle as possible. Make your temple a beautiful place you would want to be in and live in.

Meditation is a wonderful way to create warmth and connectivity in your own body. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes the first time you do this meditation so that you can take time to explore and create. After that it can be done as often and as quickly (or slowly!) as you like. Take a minute or an hour. I recommend doing it each morning or night when lying in bed, as well as any other time you feel called.

Sit or lie comfortably in a quiet peaceful place.
Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your lower belly.Take a few moments to connect to your breath and come into the present moment.
Begin to feel a flow of love from your heart being absorbed in through your left palm. Feel this flow travel along your left arm, across your chest, down your right arm and out through your right palm, filling your belly with warmth and light.
Once you feel the current of love between your heart and your womb is strong, let yourself follow this flow inside your womb, where you find a garden.
Take a moment to look around this garden, and without any judgement or attempt to change anything, witness the garden. Notice the colours, the length of the grass, the temperature, the tones in the sky.
When you’re ready, step deeper into the garden. There at the centre of the garden, you find a temple.
Once again simply witness the exterior, without judgement or control, gaze upon your temple, taking in all the details of this newly discovered place.
In your own time, make your way to the temple and enter its doors. Your eyes meet the inside and again you drink in what you see, take your time to notice what is being shown to you. What colour are the walls, what is the texture of the floor? What are the sounds and smells inside your temple? Walk deeper into your temple and at its centre find an altar.
Here begin to add things to build your alter. Maybe you add words, images, flowers, crystals, fruit, or whatever you feel this space needs most at this moment.
Once more in your own time, leave the altar and return to the doors of your temple. Open them wide and invite the flow of love from your heart to spill inside this space.
Watch the light move through the temple bathing it warmth and light, see it spiralling and healing any areas that are holding tension or darkness, see the light inviting these places to unravel and release.
When you are ready, call all of the light to rest as a flame on your altar. Stay in this illuminated temple of yours until you are ready to make your way back to the entrance, back into your garden, and back into the flow of love that is still washing in from your heart.
Bring your awareness back to your heart.
Gently become more aware of your breath, letting it deepen.
Feel your physical body resting where it is, and bring small movement back into your limbs.
Finally when you’re ready softly open your eyes.


With blessings, love and light to you.

Leigh, Journey Om x

Email me on journeyomfertilityyoga@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding Yin Yoga.