An Overview of Egg Donation Laws in South Africa

At EDSA, we are very conscious of the fact that the reason (or reasons) you may have to choose an egg donor, can be an extremely difficult reality to face, and equally as difficult to accept in the beginning. We dedicate ourselves to assisting you in finding your perfect donor, but equally by offering our services in educating our recipients who are very special to us and our egg donor “stars” to understand the importance of egg donation. And to also, fully understand the laws and regulations surrounding egg donation. Important too is to know that, recipients and egg donors, are fully protected the law.

At EDSA we are 100% committed to you, and we appreciate and follow South African laws because they underpin the spirit of egg donation which is all about togetherness, empowerment, and hope.

South Africa has amongst the best egg donation laws in the world! South African egg donation is governed by the National Health Act (2003) and as mentioned before, these laws protect both you, the recipient and your donors.

The Act itself can be an exhausting document to get through with all the fine print, and can in turn be a little intimidating, so we have outlined three of the most important points that you need to be aware of, when it comes to making the important decision of choosing your perfect egg donor:

1. South African law states that egg donation is anonymous and disclosure of either the donor or the recipient identity is prohibited:

2. When we approve your potential egg donor, it is a strict requirement that your donor has a medical history taken by a registered Reproductive Medicine Specialist and have a Psychological assessment:

3. The National Health Act (2003) states that a maximum of six live births are permitted from one donor.

Egg donation is a true gift of life and an altruistic act, which we at EDSA take very seriously. We care about our recipients and donors, and work tirelessly to ensure that both recipients and donors’ experiences are rewarding ones.

Kinny Ramoeng, our wonderful egg donation co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that each of our recipients and donors are well supported throughout the process of finding a perfect match that is gratifying and meaningful for both!

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Love EDSA x