Egg Donation SA

Founded in 2007

Egg Donation South Africa (EDSA) is the first truly South African egg donor agency.

Who We are


Founded in 2007, Egg Donation South Africa (EDSA) was the first truly South African egg donor agency.


It is currently run by a group of like-minded medical and science professionals, each of whom is highly experienced in the field of IVF.

Our professionals have adopted a pragmatic approach to providing an expert service, but believe strongly in balancing the technical side of the work with a sense of humanity and the desire to serve. Our team strives to offer an exceptional level of service and to give the best possible care to each recipient and donor.

In many cases, couples seek our assistance after struggling to start a family for many years. We aim to provide a service that is fast and effective. In most cases, our recipients are well-informed when it comes to the IVF process and the egg donation procedure, which means we are able to focus on obtaining the best possible match between our donors and recipients with the least amount of effort on the part of our recipients.

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People Say

The fact that I am now pregnant is just the cherry on the top! Thank you for everything, thank you for making our dream come true.


Making your Journey to Parenthood, Together

Egg Donation South Africa is dedicated to helping people realise their dreams of having a complete family. We work together with highly skilled professionals who have assisted many through egg donation to achieve what was once thought impossible.