Mind-Body-Soul Wholeness


Roughly one in seven couples have trouble falling pregnant. Infertility is a legitimate concern, and fertility experts believe that infertility cases will continue to rise. Many causes of infertility come down to everyday lifestyle.

Given the devastating pandemic we now find ourselves in, we have been exposed to extremely high-stress levels; whether through the loss of work, relationship breakdowns, loss of income. And while going through immense stress, often our choice of diets are not always favourable. Takeouts and Convenience foods, such as microwave meals is an everyday occurrence that most of the population rely on, as it seems easier to manage. Yet, we are effectively neglecting our well-being and overall health.

Given the above, we must stress that not ALL fertility concerns come down to lifestyle. To get to the root of infertility, tests will need to be undertaken by Fertility Specialists. However, there is no reason why, in the meantime, you cannot start making changes in terms of your health to boost your fertility.

  Stress, lack of exercise, hormone imbalances, and poor eating habits can seriously hinder fertility. Thankfully, today’s advances in medical technology can solve many infertility issues. Going for a Fertility Assessment at your chosen Fertility clinic will quickly determine what the problem is. It could often be as simple as implementing lifestyle changes, which could increase your chances of conceiving naturally. 

Fertility wellness comes from not just physical health but from mental and spiritual wholeness too.

We have listed our favourite Mind-Body-Soul wholeness tips below that we feel will aid in boosting fertility. Natural Health Practice, Mindfulness, and Nutrition are three of the most powerful tools we have to do just that:

Tip # 1: Reduce Your Stress Levels

Tip # 2: Eat Healthy & Nutritious Food

Tip # 3: Get Quality Sleep

Tip # 4: Detox

Tip # 5: Be Kind To Yourself

Yes, not everything indeed works according to the plan, but miracles arrive in different ways. However, we often miss these through various sources because we are too focused on our planned future that we refuse to default on.

Our Mantra to you for today:

“I am a Warrior. I am Fierce, and I am Brave. I inhale Peace and exhale Stress.”


Mind-Body-Soul Wholeness (Part Two) to follow shortly.


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