She Is Alive

As we reach the 2nd of February, a big half year mark; it is with the greatest joy and gratitude, that I introduce our beautiful and courageous daughter Aya Rose. She came into this world on the 2nd of August at 17:38, roaring with life. Some of you might have read my previous blog, the one […]


For anyone that may be in the middle of a fertility journey, or for someone that is seeking help from a Fertility Clinic, the holidays may be a challenging period of time to navigate. Let’s start you off with some helpful coping mechanisms to ease the stress a little. Eight Tips For Coping With Infertility […]

The Process of Egg Freezing and Egg Donation How Freezing your Eggs Affects Your Day to Day Life

We hear an in-depth account of one woman’s journey through the process of freezing her eggs and donating some of them through a fertility clinic. She discusses the consultations with the doctors and the batches of injections that she had to administer herself. She discusses the egg maturation process and the procedure that she underwent as well as after effects and general experience of the full process from start to finish, and how it affected her from day to day.

How to Choose an Egg Donor

Beginning your IVF journey using donor eggs is a HUGE step. But we feel that one of the toughest decisions you will need to make is how to choose your egg donor who ticks all your boxes?